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Broadco Cat 5 takes 2nd in Clearwater
September 27, 2014

BROADCO Cat 5 Offshore takes 2nd place at the Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championship! Congrats to Team STIHLOffshore Racing for their checkered flag and to Cleveland Construction, Racing For Cancer, Spirit of Qatar, and Warpaint for another awesome race!

BROADCO Cat 5 takes 2nd at Thunder on the Gulf
August 22, 2014

It was 2 races in ORANGE BEACH! Chuck & Grant took a dominating lead in the first race to place 1st. The second that put the in 2nd behind Stihl. With both Broadco Cat 5 & Stihl both taking a 1st & 2nd places finish, it came down to fastest average lap speed for the tie-breaker. Stihl inched out the victory with an average of 103.92 to Broadco's 103.73, giving the overall win to Stihl.

The Cat 5 team is ready to do it all over again on Sunday in Pensacola at the Thunder Run.
Another 2nd place finish for BROADCO Cat 5 
August 24, 2014

It was a great day of racing in Pensacola! Congrats to STIHLOffshore Racing for the checkered flag, Team BROADCO with 2nd, WHM in 3rd, and Racing For Cancer in 4th.

Hope to see everyone at the Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championship next month!

Team Broadco is getting ready to race in the Key West World Championships! New ILMOR racing engines are in and the 40' MTI is sounding better than ever! GO BROADCO!